A Little Bit About Artist Larry Grossman
Artist Larry Grossman, a big oldies fan, has lent his talents to Rock Remembered. His work
epitomizes the mood, music, and feeling so many of us have for the 50's, 60's, and 70's.

In the 60's at the age of 15, Larry started airbrushing t-shirts at custom car shows, earning enough money to buy his first car, a Chevy powered '29 Ford hot rod.

The first digital movie... Disney's
TRON, yep, that's some of Larry's effort. He has also
collaborated with Warner Brothers and DreamWorks on many projects. You may have
even seen his feature film
The Big Sleeze, which he wrote, directed, and produced.

How about three Frank Zappa album covers and one Hank Williams Jr. cover?

Larry currently drives a '32 (Little Deuce Coupe) hot rod, a (smaller still) Nash Metro
convertible (Beep-beep), and a '56 T-Bird, and does all the maintence work himself.

Larry's big time now! No doubt, you've seen Larry's unique style on puzzles, calendars,
and in galleries and museums worldwide.

If you don't have any of Larry Grossman's art on your wall, you need some! Just visit his
fun website at www.retrovisions.com where you can see and buy any all of his art.