Origins of Rock Remembered
While unsuccessfully attempting to avoid small town speed traps on the back roads of Texas, Ron was listening to oldies music on his way home after attending his high school reunion.

Ron noticed the various radio stations just happened to be playing a lot of the songs from his high school years. He thought it would be fun, as a follow-up to the reunion, to put a few "school days" songs together, share some common memories and events in a radio show style and send it out to his former fellow classmates.

Not knowing a thing about radio, he sought out the local oldies deejay and shared the idea. The deejay thought it was a cute project and needed someone to run the station board for the local high school football games. He told Ron that if he would do the football games he would teach him how to run the board and could use the station's production room facilities late at night when the music broadcast was generated by computer.

With a little help from the station staff, Ron learned the studio board, how to use the recording software, edit tracks, mix jingles and insert commercials. Ron patched in some jingles and call signs, blended the music, recalled some memories, told some stories, and shared the events of his senior year at Cal Farley's Boys' Ranch High School. It evolved into a two hour show.

Before he sent the final product out to his classmates, he played it for station music director who gave a careful critique, made suggestions, giving advice and then to Ron's surprise… offered him his own weekly show! And that turned into
Rock Remembered, which is now...

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