Get a Special Birthday Show for Someone Special!

Wow! A Birthday Present!

…for that someone special who is so hard to shop for because he or she already has everything. Well, they don’t have this!

With just a little help from you (by finding out the answers to a few simple questions) we will research, write, record, edit, and produce, a birthday memory not to be forgotten, played over ‘n over, & treasured forever. The show will focus on that person’s teenage years, recall his or her high school, favorite bands, songs’n dances; the places he or she hung out, old friends, good times, first car, prom, senior trip, and best memories.

Here is what you get…

A personalized episode of Rock Remembered, individually written and recorded for your special birthday person. The package includes the show on a specially printed CD, in a specially printed CD case, shrink wrapped for protection. Ron pays the shipping, handling, and taxes. Cheaper than jewelry, and much more personal!

Special Introductory Price

  • Single CD Version – $250 (About 45-50 Minutes)
  • Double CD Version – $400 (Twice as Long) (A $100 Savings)

(Don’t wait, it takes a lot of research and time to complete the perfect product. We need 30 days to get ‘er done.)

Order a Birthday Episode!

  • Happy Birthday

    It takes many hours (‘n days, ‘n weeks) of research, writing, recording, editing, and production to create a "Happy Birthday Episode." So order a month early to ensure timely delivery. Remember! The more information you provide, the better the show will be.
  • Enter the name of the person whose birthday we are going to celebrate.
  • Most everyone had a nickname back then, "Shorty," "Red," "Skippy," "Moose," "Bookworm," and the like.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Example: Cougars, Indians, Cowboys, Rams, Warriors, Eagles, Mustangs, Crimson Tide, etc.
  • Example: Blue & Gold, Purple & Yellow, etc.
  • Beatles, Temptations, Elvis, ABBA, Cher, Bee Gees, Credence, or any of the great Rock ‘n Roll artists.
  • Glee club, Dance Line, Track, Drama, Debate Team, Cheer Leading, Student Counsel, Class Officer, etc.
  • Make, Model, Year of Manufacture, Color
  • Year (Semester, if known)
  • Roller Rink, Bowling Alley, The Park, The River, Pool, Beach, The Mall, Frosty Freeze, Drive In, Bob’s Big Boy, etc.
  • You may want to enter the prom theme, if known.
  • Place and events.
  • Waitress, Cashier, Lawn Mowing, Baby Sitting, and what was done with the money (e.g., "Bought First Car")
  • Where do we ship the show?

    (We will not deposit your check until you have seen and approved the written show script.)
  • Normally this is the person who is giving the gift (‘er paying the bill!)
  • Don’t forget the apartment, suite, or space (if applicable).
  • Allow 4 weeks for delivery from the time we receive your order.