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Origins of Rock Remembered

While unsuccessfully attempting to avoid small town speed traps on the back roads of Texas, Ron was listening to oldies music on his way home after attending his high school reunion.

Ron noticed the various radio stations just happened to be playing a lot of the songs from his high school years. He thought it would be fun, as a follow-up to the reunion, to put a few “school days” songs together, share some common memories and events in a radio show style and send it out to his former fellow classmates.

Not knowing a thing about radio, he sought out the local oldies deejay and shared the idea. The deejay thought it was a cute project and needed someone to run the station board for the local high school football games. He told Ron that if he would do the football games he would teach him how to run the board and could use the station’s production room facilities late at night when the music broadcast was generated by computer.

With a little help from the station staff, Ron learned the studio board, how to use the recording software, edit tracks, mix jingles and insert commercials. Ron patched in some jingles and call signs, blended the music, recalled some memories, told some stories, and shared the events of his senior year at Cal Farley’s Boys’ Ranch High School. It evolved into a two hour show.

Before he sent the final product out to his classmates, he played it for station music director who gave a careful critique, made suggestions, giving advice and then to Ron’s surprise offered him his own weekly show! And that turned into Rock Remembered, which is now… The Most Interesting Show in the Country

A Little Bit About Ron

Ron got his first taste of radio music as a child on rare trips to the local Thrifty Drug Store lunch counter in rural Southern California where the jukebox played hits like Running Bear, The Battle of New Orleans, and Wolverton Mountain.

He got a transistor radio at the age of 10 and listened to El Cajon’s KCBQ on am 1170 until the battery would die. He pulled weeds for his grandmother and received his pay in the form of new 9 volt batteries. The music spoke to him then and it still does today.

He bounced from school to school eventually ending up at Cal Farley’s Boys’ Ranch in Texas where he attended high school and graduated with the “Class of 1967.”

Ron spent the next 24 years in the United States Army, serving in Vietnam, Germany, Panama, and visited most of the states as a member of the United States Army Exhibit Team. He then retired to teaching high school where he motivated young people to be all they could be.

You can email Ron at Ron@RockRemembered.com or read more about the Show Origins.

A Little Bit About “Olga”

Imagine Olga as a bright young professional broadcast specialist, doing her apprenticeship with Ron at Rock Remembered. if you get the feeling she’s overqualified, you’re right, but everyone has to pay his or her dues.

Olga represents many of today’s young people who hear the oldies everywhere they go… in restaurants, the doctor’s office, grocery and department stores. However, like many of Rock Remembered’s young listening audience, Olga often doesn’t know the name of the songs, let alone the interesting tidbits of information behind the music. So it’s interesting that for someone who tries to give the impression she is not into the oldies, Olga certainly seems to relish in the gossip that Ron is too embarrassed to report.

Olga is a refreshing, sassy counter to Ron’s reflective delivery style. She is the voice of reason, gives the show energy, shares her opinions, and keeps Ron on segment schedule.

You can email Olga at Olga@RockRemembered.com.

A Little Bit About The Voice of Rock Remembered Alex O’Neal

Alex O’Neal is a professional broadcaster who has recorded thousands of television and radio commercials in the past thirty years.

He is heard Nationally on TV and radio, video games, US Army Apache Helicopter flight simulators and US Navy training films.

He practices his art in Austin, Texas and is also Rock Remembered’s advice guy.

A Little Bit About “The British guy” Mike Russell

Mike Russel is Rock Remembered’s British accent and the director of Music Radio Creative, an England based audio production company.

Mike has been working in radio since 1995. During his time in the industry he’s presented shows on radio stations across the United Kingdom and Australia.

Mike has voiced and produced audio for Capital Radio London, talkSPORT Radio UK, WABC-New York City, 4KZ in Cairns (Australia) and many other radio stations worldwide.

A Little Bit About Artist Larry Grossman


Artist Larry Grossman, a big oldies fan, has lent his talents to Rock Remembered. His work epitomizes the mood, music, and feeling so many of us have for the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

In the 60’s at the age of 15, Larry started airbrushing t-shirts at custom car shows, earning enough money to buy his first car, a Chevy powered ’29 Ford hot rod.

The first digital movie… Disney’s TRON, yep, that’s some of Larry’s effort. He has also collaborated with Warner Brothers and DreamWorks on many projects. You may have even seen his feature film The Big Sleeze, which he wrote, directed, and produced.

How about three Frank Zappa album covers and one Hank Williams Jr. cover?

Larry currently drives a ’32 (Little Deuce Coupe) hot rod, a (smaller still) Nash Metro convertible (Beep-beep), and a ’56 T-Bird, and does all the maintenance work himself.

Larry’s big time now! No doubt, you’ve seen Larry’s unique style on puzzles, calendars, and in galleries and museums worldwide.

If you don’t have any of Larry Grossman’s art on your wall, you need some! Just visit his fun website at www.retrovisions.com where you can see and buy any all of his art.

A Little Bit About Artist Anthony Ross


Rock ‘n Roll brings back those memories of your first car, picking up your girl, parking at the hamburger stand, steaming up the windows in the back row of the drive-in movie theater, and finishing up the evening by cruising the strip. Remember revving the engine at stop lights, peeling out, drinking a Bubble Up and passing those great neon road signs?

The art of Anthony Ross defines those days on the American roadscapes. His depictions of our car culture focuses not only on the drive, but the visual attractions that beckoned us to eat, sleep, and play along the way.

Anthony usually devotes 40 to 200 hours on each work, painting from back to front, with the completed work from the perspective of the driver’s seat.

He is a native of California, with natural artistic talent… who just happened to also go to college. We don’t hold it against him that he is an award winning, degreed graduate of the Fine Arts Program at California State University. He has outgrown at least three studios… thank goodness for the room on the net.

We are proud to share Anthony’s imagery with you. His work is on display in galleries and art festival across the country, around the world, and could be on your walls too.

Anthony’s work can be viewed or purchased at www.zazzle.com/store/ross_studio.

Our Friends…and Yours, Too!

When I am working on an episode of Rock Remembered or anytime I want to hear the oldies, I listen to Dan Murphy's 57 Chevy Radio or Feel Good Rock. A couple of "gotta listen" stations!


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